Mark B Page Chartered Forester
Database Creation

I have built several databases in Microsoft Access and Lotus Approach with forestry based themes.


For example: I developed a database for a local timber harvesting contractor, Elliot Henderson of Selkirk, in the Scottish Borders. This database manages the day to day running and profit and loss on specific harvesting sites.


Using my experience I developed a database that performs the same and increased functionality and this has been marketed throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Eire.

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It is a database that reports on the various aspects of the management of a commercial timber harvesting site. The information produced is designed to give the manager or owner of the machinery information to assist in the running of harvesting machinery in a quick and convenient way.

The database compiles the data and performs the arithmetic automatically to produce useful reports and forms. After the basic details of a harvesting site are set up only two items of data are added; the operators' time sheet and the self billing invoice from the mill that has received the timber. These give the manager/owner an up-to-date picture of how harvesting sites are progressing. This picture is based on documentation that has changed hands, and upon which payments have been made or are due.

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The database highlights issues, possible problems and inconsistencies in the site progression, thus enabling the manager to purposefully target site visits, or request specific information from operators, hauliers or the purchasers of the timber. It also manages 'square ups' due to be paid to machine operators at the completion of a harvesting site.

The database is available as a stand alone package.

The product is simple to use and requires only a basic knowledge of computing in order to get the best out of it.

14 copies have been sold and in excess of 140 forest harvesters and forwarders are managed by the database.

Screen shots of HarvestBase are displayed on this web site.


I have also constructed a database for the management of woodlands, taking into account production and various management regimes and Forestry Commission grant schemes. This is used in the Forestry Management and Consultancy aspect of my own business.

In development:

I am currently working on the development of a forestry mensuration programme to calculate tariff and sample plot data collected by electronic callipers.



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