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It's a challenge to create an access to the top of a remote hill for a crane weighing in the order of 200 tonnes.

Forestry Consultancy

Small Woodland Owners

Many people have a 'casual' ownership of trees and timber, generally farmers, small landowners and others who happen to own some woodland.

Regulating trees

Measuring broadleaves in the
Scottish Borders.

Some (by no means a few) are somewhat vague as to the responsibilities that come with owning them.

Trees and woodlands are well regulated in the UK by the Forestry Commission, and sometimes the small woodland owner can fall foul of the regulatory authorities purely due to a lack of knowledge.

For example unless one is felling a very small quantity of timber annually a felling license is required by the FC, even if the timber is not to be sold. Whilst the FC are generally very good at granting felling licenses they rarely grant a license these days without a replanting plan.

Ancient tower

Large woodlands have their own
management issues.

It is also well worth knowing the FC will provide grants for replanting of woodland, but usually only if certain criteria are met.

As a consultant I provide a service to advise such owners not to fall foul of these laws, and I can prepare replanting plans which will (where acceptable) attract FC grant aid.

I have regularly undertaken this for clients in the Scottish Borders, Dumfries and Galloway, East Lothian and North Northumberland.

Large Woodland Owners

Large Woodland Owners who employ their own staff can also find themselves at the wrong end of staffing and experience, and I regularly fill this gap.

Please call for a discussion, or use the contact page to email me.

Other Consultancy Projects

I have recently been involved in the design and layout of 'forest' roads to service the construction of two wind farms in south Scotland. I have specified, laid out and supervised the construction of something in the order of 50km of such roads.

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