What I do

Mark B Page NDF

Chartered Forester

I offer the following services:


Timber Measurement in the UK and overseas


Forest and Forest Products Certification Consultancy




Forest Management


Woodland Consultancy



Timber measurement


Top of the range didital equipment is used to gather information in the forest, and data is processed using Forestry Commission (UK) conventions. It is presented to clients as PDF's or hard copies; spreadsheets and digital plans are also provided for integration into their own systems if necessary. I undertake this for institutional clients, forest estates and private clients. 


I have also assessed a Teak plantation in Costa Rica for a UK purchaser. Using methods that did not involve felling individual trees I was able to calculate the volume of the crop and average tree. My assessment of volume was far below the figure in the heads of terms documents agreed between the parties, and prevented the purchaser paying 25% more then the timber was worth - a saving of millions. 



Forest and Forest Products Certification Consultancy


I provide documented systems for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement Forest Certification (PEFC) Forest Management certification standards. I also provide documented systems for the Chain of Custody systems that are a downstream result of Forest Management certification. 



Forest Mensuration Training


During 2017 and 2018 I have provided basic forest mensuration training to one of the UK's biggest forest management companies. Over 100 staff members were trained to be able to achieve a volume per ha and average tree in the the forest with the minimum of mensuration equipment.  




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