Mark B Page NDF

Chartered Forester

In almost 40 years in forest management I have learned that forests and trees are actually far more dynamic than is popularly understood.


The value of trees both individually and en masse as forests, woodlands and plantations is incalculable.


I reproduce this poem from ‘The Forest’ by Walter Kümmerly.


Man -

I keep you warm on freezing winter nights

I am your shade from scorching summer sun

The roof joists of your house, your table’s board

I am the bed in which you sleep at night

The wood of which your mighty ships are built

I am your pickaxe shaft, your cabins door

The wood of both your cradle and your coffin

I am the bread of goodness, flower of beauty

Answer my prayer: Do not destroy me…


The book was published in 1973*, and since then the words have become more urgent, as new issues have developed.

Acid rain, holes in the ozone layer, global warming and the abrupt realisation in 2018 that plastic is swamping parts of the planet have concentrated in the mind of our global consciousness that we canot continue to treat our home as a scruffy back yard.


The value of Forestry and Silviculture as have never been higher - forest products are the sustainable solution.


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